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 Why Clinical Supervision is a passion of mine...
For the past twelve years, I have had the pleasure of being a clinical supervisor, and have been able to personally witness the growth of new counselors in the field as they achieve certification and licensure.  I believe strongly in the development of clinicians who are competent and highly skilled at their craft and bring this passion when working with each supervisee.  My supervision style is one that encourages and supports, yet challenges clinicians to continuously grow and develop as therapists and professionals.  Areas of emphasis in clinical supervision include:  skill building, case conceptualization, tape reviews, ethics and legalities, and professional development. In group supervision, experiential learning with peers is a major part of the group supervision process that I offer.

My theoretical "home base" is in experiential psychotherapies, such as:  Gestalt, Primal, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, and other approaches that use the "here and now" as entry points to access any unfinished business that includes emotional or physical energy that needs release.  I also have specialized training in trauma recovery with emphasis on the skilled application of emotion-focused and somatic interventions.  Another area of expertise is the use of Motivational Interviewing as a powerful way to engage clients who are in the middle of an existential life choice or struggling with an addiction.  As a trainer, I have taught motivational interviewing and clinical supervision topics and skills on local, regional, and national levels to clinicians, health care providers, supervisors, and other clinical trainers. 
Experienced Clinical Supervision for Licensure and/or Certification

"An ounce of practice is worth tons of preaching."
Mahatma Ghandi 
Supervision Rates 

Individual Session 60 minutes - $100
Individual Session 90 minutes - $140
Group Supervision 2 hours - $50