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            "Harnessing the transformative power of your own inner courage to heal and change"

Gary Thomas Wareham, MA, LPC, LAC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Addiction Counselor
Clinically Trained Emotion- Focused and Somatic Psychotherapist 

Over 20 years of 
counseling experience

Expertise Working With:

Men's Issues
Questioning/Sexual Identity 
LGBTQ issues
Healthy Sexual Expression
Sexual and Erotic Orientation
Alternative Sexual Lifestyles
Mixed-Orientation Relationships
Relationship/Intimacy Issues
Sexual Compulsions
Men's Trauma/PTSD 
Grief & Loss/Life Transitions
Anxiety & Depression

Individual / Couples Counseling 
Mind/Body Experiential Psychotherapy  
As a therapist over the years , I have seen hundreds of clients . One of things that has struck me during that time, is how often folks with different sexual orientations, have certain perceptions that are voiced or stand out :

Folks who identify as "straight" struggle with understanding same sex attraction.

Folks who identify as "gay" struggle with understanding opposite sex attraction.

Folks who identify as "bisexual" struggle with  understanding why gay or straight folks are not attracted to both sexes ! 

When one is true to one's inherent sexuality, these perceptions arise very organically and are very revealing. These perceptions are not a "cognitive" or "head" thing, but rather underscore the biological nature and power of our unique orientation.