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Here you are most welcome !!
My passion for counseling began over 30 years ago when I was most fortunate to have undergone intense emotion-focused and body-centered psychotherapy that changed the course of my life.  The ability to access buried feelings and emotions, and work with my perceptions and beliefs, provided an amazing healing experience that allowed me to live my life in ways, that before were simply not part of my previous experience.  The richness of life came alive and transformed me in ways that have remained ever since.  Good therapy is not about instantaneous change, rather, it is about you reclaiming the gift of your authentic self.  Good therapy is about providing you with the ability to know how and what to change, and to grow with new challenges in the future.  Know that when you enter  the "sacred'  space of my practice, you are on a journey of self-honesty and growth, for which, I, as a counselor have the deepest respect and appreciation, and will partner with you on that journey. Clients of mine routinely report that their experience of counseling with me is highly effective, as I both support and yet challenge, so that true growth occurs.  This combination for many of my clients is new . . . even if they have been in prior counseling before coming to see me.  It is with this spirit that I extend an invitation to walk this personal path of change so your inner courage can come to the fore for you ! 

Warmest regards,
Gary Wareham 
​"Out", proud, and open about my sexual orientation since 1992, both as a counselor and as a human being,  I not only recognize , but have successfully faced and  lived the distinct challenges that bisexuality and mixed orientation relationships engender in a person's life. Sexual and erotic orientation for many people exist not as a polarity, but rather on a continuum. I am specifically trained in sexuality , sexual identity, sexual and erotic orientation, and LGBTQ issues with a special emphasis on working with bisexuality , alternative sexual lifestyles, mixed -orientation relationships, and those who are questioning. This journey of self-discovery ultimately culminates in accepting, honoring,  and celebrating one's own inherent sexual self-identity as your birthright, which is a huge part of fully claiming one's authentic self. The core value in my approach is helping clients to self-identify and fully embrace their unique identity and sexuality , while always striving for personal honesty , integrity, and wholeness . Yes,  people do live fulfilling lives whatever their sexual  identity !

I have been a counselor in the field of mental health and addictions for the past 20 years and in private practice since 2002.  I earned my bachelors degree in Human Services at Metropolitan State University of Denver with an emphasis in mental health counseling, and my graduate degree in counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.  In addition to my formal education, my background includes a three and a half year experiential training program in trauma recovery and attachment issues, and working with the impact of early childhood events on people's adult lives and their relationships.  This intensive training included: learning how to "read" and effectively work with regulating the autonomic nervous system, discharging traumatic overload , and  incorporating the latest in neuro-scientific research and how it applies to traumatic imprints, anxiety, depression, relationships, and addictions.  My counseling practice includes integrating a number of different treatment approaches and interventions, specific to each client, as everyone differs as to what will work best for them.  During my first session, we will meet and discuss your individual needs and see if working together feels like a "fit" or a "match".  From there we will design a counseling plan that will be realistic and reasonable for what you desire.  There is no charge for this initial session.

My background and counseling approach